Challenge Your Self

Beginning Class: Tuesday @ 6:30 pm // Saturday @ 11:00 am
Intermediate/Advanced: Thursday @ 6:30 pm

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Taiji (Tai Chi Chuan) is a ancient Chinese conditioning exercise consisting of continuous, slow, and graceful motions. It has been called "moving meditation." At White Lotus, we teach the “48 Forms of Taiji.”

Tai Chi Chuan is recognized by the Arthritis Foundation and the AMA.

Research demonstrates that Taiji can enhance:

Taiji can also benefit people with:

You do not need to be a Kung Fu student in order to take Tai Chi classes.

We ask all prospective students to observe classes before enrollment. This enables you to see what we teach and how we teach it, and it lets us answer any questions or concerns you might have.


"My experience with Tai Chi in the White Lotus system has been a life changing experience. I started at my wife's urging because I was looking for stress relief, lower body strength and balance. I gained so much more. I had been suffering with lower back pain due to a construction accident over 30 years ago; in fact, I had accepted it as a part of my life and identity.

After training with Sigung Carrie and Sigung Jennings for a few months the strength and balance were returning and I was very satisfied with the result. At seven months the back pain just disappeared one night after class. I was afraid to tell anybody just in case it might return but a year and a half later I am still pain free! I have heard of testimonials from others but I am actually living this as my reality. Now I have a new life and identity.

The people at White Lotus are all very friendly and accommodating and the instructors are so patient and knowledgeable in the art and in overall health. Tai Chi has been described as moving meditation and has self defense applications, too. Sigung Carrie's class has far exceeded my expectations and I can highly recommend it for anybody looking for Tai Chi's many benefits."
Glen Allen