Sashes Awarded

The following students tested on 4/23/16 and we are proud to announce the following:

Childrens Level 2 - Blue Sash: Sebastian Alfredo Chavez, Laura N. Lu, Kalani Li Kye Thompson
We CONGRATULATE them for their dedicated training.

Sashes Awarded

February 20, 2016 was a successful day of Testing. The following students have received their advancement:

Kai Nathan Lonergan - Children's Level 1, Gold Sash
Cindy J. Lee, Pavan K. Pathivada, and Oliver A. Tang - Adult Level 1, Gold Sash
We CONGRATULATE them for their dedicated training.

Sashes Awarded

May 16, 2015,We would like to congratulate the following students for their advancement during testing in May:

Brent Thomas Weiland - Adult Level 1, Orange Sash, Alisar Imad Barakat, Samim Imad Barakat, Tanal Imad Barakat, Eric Charles Cowan, Helen Lu, Kimon G. Rethis - Adult Level 2, Blue Sash.
They have trained diligently and proved their perservearance pays off.

Sashes Awarded

September 20, 2014, Larry Trung Lu - Adult Level 2, Purple Sash, Duncan Matthew Phelan - Childrens Level 1, Orange Sash.
CONGRATULATIONS on this achievement, many more to come in the future.

White Lotus Students Medal at Tempt One Tournament

On October 25, 2014, the fifth "Tempt One Martial Arts Championships" was held at East Los Angeles Community College. Two of our students represented the White Lotus System competing in the Southern Hand Form Division. This was their first competition under the instruction of our system and we are very proud of their accomplishments.

Tanal Barakat won a 4th place medal. Samim Barakat found himself in a three way tie, competing in a run off and placing with a 3rd place medal. Hopefully this will be the start of more students competing in the coming year!!

Sashes Awarded

August 2, 2014, James Yee tested and has received Level One - Gold Sash. CONGRATULATIONS on your achievement

On June 28, the following students tested and the results are:
Kristian Lambert - Level 1, Gold Sash, Thomas Lee - Level 1, Orange Sash, Alise Phelan - Level 1, Orange Sash.
On July 5, the following children tested and the results are:
Justin Issa - Level 1, Gold Sash, Miya Winskoviz - Level 1, Orange Sash.
CONGRATULATIONS to all these students who have trained diligently and accomplished the first of many milestones.

On May 17, 2014, the following students tested and have been awarded their advancements:
Alisar Imad Barakat - Level 2, Purple Sash, Samim Imad Barakat - Level 2, Purple Sash, and Tanal Imad Barakat - Level 2, Purple Sash.
Congratulations on this accomplishment. In the way of the Wong family Motto: The family that kicks together, sticks together!

Sashes Awarded

On February 7, 2014, Testing was held and students were awarded the following:
Adult Level 1 - Gold Sash: Zach Aaron Agrums, Thomas K. Lee, and Daniel Lemziakov
CONGRATULATIONS for this achievement.

Sashes Awarded

The following students have been awarded their Certificates and sashes:
9/21/13 - Level One - Gold Sash: Noah Terry, Mason Mack and Lucy Guerrero
10/5/13 - Level Two - Purple Sash: Alexis Cristina Ferman, Helen Lu, Brian Vu
Congratulations to all for training hard!

Congratulations to our student, Paul Wee on his Emmy!

Emmy is: Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation- Character Animation "Treehouse of Horror XXIII" The Simpsons.

Sashes Awarded

On August 17, 2013, a rare testing session was witnessed as a Mother and Son participated together. The results are as follows:
Adult Level 1-Gold Sash: Alise Lydia Phelan
Children's Level 1-Gold Sash: Duncan Matthew Phelan
CONGRATULATIONS on your dedication and training!

Master Jennings Honored

I am proud to announce that one of our Instructors, Master Philip Jennings has been recognized with "The Martial Arts History Museum Honor Award". This award honors those individuals who have given of themselves and their excellence in the martial arts. He will be honored on September 7, 2013 at an Award's Ceremony I know the students will agree with me, this is a much deserved award and congratulate him. - Master Carrie Ogawa Wong

Sashes Awarded

6/22/13 Testing was held and the results are: Children's Level Two (Purple Sash) - Kalani Thompson. Congratulations for her hard work!

Sashes Awarded

On May 4, 2013, the months of dedication and training were put to the test. The following students have reached another goal:
Adult Level One (Gold Sash) - Malia Ho, Laurens Van Charante. Adult Level One (Orange Sash) - Alisar Barakat, Tanal Barakat, Jo Paloma, Nate Stalinski. Childrens Level One (Gold Sash) - Miya Winskoviz. Childrens Level One (Orange Sash) - Sebastian Chavez.
Congratulations on your accomplishments!

Sashes Awarded

On February 13th, 2013, Certificates of Advancement and sashes were presented to the following students: Adult Level One (Gold Sash): Alisar Imad Barakat,Tanal Imad Barakat, Jo Paloma, Nathaniel James Stalinski. Adult Level One (Orange Sash): Samim Imad Barakaat. Adult Level Two (Purple Sash): Kimon Rethis.
CONGRATULATIONS on your dedication to the White Lotus System.

Sashes Awarded

The months and years of dedication, perseverance, and hard work have paid off. We are proud to announce the following advancements:
Adult Class: Samim I. Barakat - Gold Sash, Matthew R. Nicolai & Jorge E. Rodriguez - Orange Sash, Cristian A. Ferman, Dylan L. Kohl, David R. Fong - Purple Sash
Children's Class: Sebastian A. Chavez - Gold Sash Kalani L. Thompson, Laura Lu - Orange Sash Alexis C. Ferman, Vince D. D'Aloisio, Athena M. Rethis - Purple Sash, Helen Lu, Larry Lu, Brian Vu - Blue Sash

Sashes Awarded

On January 24, Parents, Siblings, and Grandparents joined the students as their Instructors awarded Certificates and Sashes of Advancement. Receiving their Gold Sashes: Sophia Grant, Laura Lu, and Kalani Thompson. Receiving their Orange Sashes: Vince D'Aloisio, Alexis Ferman, and Athena Rethis. We want like to congratulate these students for their accomplishments, discipline, and continued training.

Happy New Year to Everyone from the White Lotus Family.

Looking toward a New Beginning with 2012.....Make this year your goal to get in shape and train hard both physically and mentally. This marks the Chinese "Year of the Dragon"; therefore, enroll in the next session of White Lotus Kung Fu and celebrate this special year.

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Adult Kung Fu Program Belts Awarded

Ten students from the Adult Kung Fu class tested on November 20, 2010. They found themselves being tested on their endurance as well as knowledge from the past years of training as the test lasted over 2 hours.

Well on their way to Black Sash achieving Adult Level 3 - Green Sash are: Brandon Bowen, Kenji Kang, Arlyne Ramirez, Carolyn Ramirez, Beth Reff, Stuart Thorne, Alan vonArx, Charlene Wong, Ryan Wong, and Warren Wong. CONGRATULATIONS!

Childrens Kung Fu Program Belts Awarded

image one

October 2, 2010, was an exciting day for five students from the Children's Program. They were tested on their proficiency and knowledge of the Plum Blossom Pattern, Hand Set, Long Arm and Elephant Hand Drills, Animal Set #1. They concluded with Front Shuffle Kicks, Blocking Combinations, and Walking Kicks.

Achieving their Jr. Level 2 - Advanced - Purple Sash were: Andrew Fishman, Helen Lu, Larry Lu, John Nguyen, and Brian Vu. Congratulations and keep Training hard! Our next test date is November 20, 2010. Watch for more....