Kung Fu, more properly known as "Gung Fu," is one of the oldest fighting arts. Gung Fu means "hard work" or "always learning" in Chinese. (See more at Wikipedia.)

At our "kwoon" or "school," we teach the White Lotus System—also known as "Bai Ling Ga." The modern-day White Lotus System of Kung Fu is based on traditional methods, but developed to apply more to today's world.

The Beginning

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Phase 1 of Master Douglas Wong's teaching career started in 1968, when he used his parent's garage for the headquarters of the "Chinese Physical Health Club." It was during this time that he formed his teaching methods as well as the nucleus of the Sil Lum Demonstration Team, which was officially created in May, 1973.

The school entered Phase 2 later that year, when it opened its doors to the general public. Led by co-captains James Lew and Albert Leong from May to December 1973, the school's team accumulated an astonishing 300 trophies in forms, weapons, and fighting competitions. This marked the first time on the western seaboard that a kung fu school had dominated karate competitions so completely. So effective were Wong's students, some tournament promoters asked them to demonstrate and not compete because too many other contestants were dropping out in deference to Sil Lum team's superiority.

In 1975, as a result of his study of internal chi development and the Chinese healing arts with Master Share K. Lew, Master Wong's teaching career entered Phase 3: The White Lotus System. Lessons in healing were taught along with fighting, weaponry, and forms.

Master Wong

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Teacher, trainer, and author, Master Douglas L. Wong is the founder of the modern-day White Lotus system of Kung Fu. Master Wong has traveled the world to teach his art through seminars, training camps, movies, videos, and print and electronic media.

His books and videos are:

Master Wong has trained various nationally ranked martial artists, and many of his students can be seen in the film and television industry as actors, stuntmen, and fight choreographers. Others have become bodyguards, exerpt consultants, and advisors in the entertainment business. Master Wong has trained:

Master Wong has been involved in the martial arts for over 40 years. He has studied under a number of great teachers, including: