Members of the White Lotus System attend dinner at the 2017 Whipping Willow Winter Gathering.


Members of the White Lotus System prepare to attend dinner at the annual Winter Gathering hosted by the Whipping Willow Association.

Adult Kung Fu Class

The White Lotus System is an open style based on the universal principles of motion, action, and energy. Mental, physical, and spiritual development are the cornerstones of this system. Email us to schedule a visit [Read More]


Our instructors are passionate martial artists and dedicated, skilled teachers. They strive to support, inspire, and challenge every student in the White Lotus family. We are a complete martial arts center offering a range of [Read More]

Chi Kung Class

Chi Kung, or Qigong, are methods for cultivating and working with qi, the energy in the body. Saturday 10:00 – 10:45 am Classes instructed by Master Carrie Ogawa Wong assisted by Master Philip Jennings.

Tai Chi Class

Improve your aerobic power, muscular strength, flexibility and balance. Taiji (Tai Chi Chuan) is a ancient Chinese conditioning exercise consisting of continuous, slow, and graceful motions. It has been called “moving meditation.” At White Lotus, [Read More]